Alessandro Taini – Artist

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Alessandro Taini Heavenly Sword Artist

It’s a real privilege to present the work of visual artist Alessandro Taini (Talexi).  Alessandro is probably best known for his amazing paintings and concept art for the classic video games Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. His distinct visual style and beautiful character work is evident in all his work but we really love the sexy fiery haired Nariko from Heavenly Sword. Alessandro Taini is currently working for Ninja Theory where he’s working as the Visual Art Director on the latest DMC (Devil May Cry) video game for Capcom. We’ve got a selection of images below from Talexi’s impressive portfolio of work. A special thank you to Talexi for allowing us to use his images in this post.

You can view more examples of Alessandro Taini’s artwork on his
website – There’s also his artist blog with all the latest news –
All images in this post are Copyright © the artist Alessandro Taini