American Mary Review and Trailer

American Mary is a dark, bizarre and brutal horror movie written and directed by the Canadian Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia. It’s a daring and original piece of work which explores the underground culture of body modification. There’s plenty of gore and it’s pretty unflinching in it’s portrayal of the subject matter with more than a couple of look-away from the screen moments! American Mary stars the excellent Katharine Isabelle who plays Mary Mason, a strapped for cash medical student who stumbles into the world of underground surgeries before embarking on some serious revenge! The movie is beautifully shot with a noir feel and the soundtrack in particular is superb. Unfortunately, despite a great start it kind of loses it’s way and momentum in the second half and the story just wanders along. With all that said it’s still an impressive, brave, stylish movie and if you’re a body horror fan it’s definitely worth a watch.

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