Brad Rigney’s Amazing Fantasy Artwork

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Fantasy artist Brad Rigney (also known by the tag ‘Cryptcrawler’) is a self-taught artist based in the U.S. who creates vivid and ultra realistic sci-fi and fantasy themed artworks. Brad works as a concept artist in the video games industry alongside working as a freelance illustrator. Brad Rigney has worked hard to fine tune his incredible Photoshop and drawing skills to be one of the top fantasy artists working today. He’s constantly tweaking his impressive portfolio of work to only show his best creations with a definite ‘quality over quantity’ policy, but in our opinion Brad Rigney possesses the rare gift of only creating stunning class A images (no fine tuning required!) To view Brad Rigney’s amazing artwork please visit his online portfolio on Deviant Art.

All images in this post are Copyright © Brad Rigney and
have been used with the artist’s permission.