Derek Stenning Sci-Fi Illustrations

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There’s a really beautiful introduction to Derek Stenning’s artwork on his website – written by Adan Jerreat-Poole which describes his ‘Entartete Kunst’ collection of images perfectly – “Life and death, nature and technology, animal and human all collide in Derek Stenning’s vivid, eye-catching depictions of cosmonauts as freedom fighters, struggling above the earth in a simultaneously hard and smooth sky.” We were going to say we loved the over-sized space helmets, and we probably feel a bit embarrassed now! Derek Stenning is a truly gifted illustrator and artist with a real eye for composition, design and typography. These images and their deliberately muted palette are totally timeless pieces of sci-fi artwork. Canadian artist Derek Stenning previously worked in the Video Games Industry for over 10 years before embarking on this personal series of retro-futuristic images to find and rejuvenate his creative spirit, we’re so glad he did! – As well as his website you can also find his fabulous work on his blog at –

All images in this post are Copyright © Derek Stenning and have been used with the artist’s permission.