Dredd (2012) Movie Review

Judgement is in on the re-booted 2012 Judge Dredd movie and it’s good news! Writer Alex Garland and Director Pete Travis have come up with the goods, creating a gritty, brutal, action packed sci-fi movie that perfectly matches the tone of the 2000AD comic character. Karl Urban is excellent as Dredd, as are all the supporting cast including Olivia Thirlby as rookie cop Anderson and Lena Heady (she is just so good at being nasty!) as psycho gang leader Ma-Ma. We’d like to have seen more of the Judge Dredd universe as most of the movie is set inside the locked down Megablock. Despite the smaller scale and scope of this film it’s still a million times better than the 1995 Stallone effort.

This is the Judge Dredd movie we’ve been waiting for….talk to the chin!

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