Fantasy Concept Art of J.Dickenson

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J.Dickenson has been working as a professional artist for over 3 decades and for the last 15 years he’s specialised in digital art, working in both the film and video game industry. JD’s movie projects include the Narnia Films, Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the last Fantastic Four Film, Rise of the Silver Surfer and more recently Snow White & The Huntsnman and Jack the Giant Slayer. JD’s work is most definitely cinematic and epic in scale with it’s huge landscapes and giant structures, but it’s also intimate, delicate and beautiful with the most perfect and sensitive depiction of nature we’ve seen. As with all the best fantasy and science fiction artists J.Dickenson creates mythical, magical worlds that you just want to explore. To take a further step into the world of J.Dickenson please visit his website at

All the images in this post are Copyright © J.Dickenson
and have been used with the artists permission.