Gurmukh Bhasin Sci-Fi Concept Artist

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We have the incredible work of Los Angeles based concept artist Gurmukh Bhasin. Gurmukh is currently the in-house 3D concept artist at Cloud Imperium Games designing spaceships for the hugely anticipated epic ‘Star Citizen’ video game. Gurmukh Bhasin started out his creative career in architecture but after 13 years studying and working professionally he made the switch to concept artist. This transition has allowed him to grow creatively and to let his imagination run wild in these awesome creations. His background in architecture and design give his futuristic vehicles, spacecraft and environments that extra level of realism and believability.
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We had the opportunity to ask Gurmukh about his creative process.

Do you create all your images directly in the computer or use sketches first?
“I do most of my concept design on the computer in 3D in Maya. Using Maya really helps me test out every aspect of my design from a true 360 degree point of view and I love using it as my main tool to create my concepts. I always start with quick silhouette sketches where I use a brush pen and paper. This helps me stay loose and come up with quick design ideas before settling on a direction and doing the full design in Maya. I finish my 3D concepts by rendering out a few images with Vray and polishing them off in Photoshop.”

We also asked about specific artists that influenced and inspired his work. “there are many concept artists that I really admire, but I’ll mention the ones that aren’t too common. David Hobbins, he is a good friend of mine who has really helped me switch my career from architecture to concept art. His designs are very unique and I have had the pleasure of working with him and learned a lot from his designs and guidance. Stefan Morrell, is a really cool environment concept artist who’s art I really love. Arthur Hass creates amazing natural sci-fi environments that are super beautiful and inspiring. Tom Wiscombe (Emergent) is an architect who’s designs are very innovative and stunning and he is one of my favorite architectural designers. I gain a lot of inspiration from his work. Steven Ma (Xuberance) is another of my favorite architectural designers. He is always pushing the boundaries with his work. Daniel Simon and Ben Proctor are two of the artists I look up to the most in entertainment concept art.”
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We concluded by asking Gurmukh about the latest project he’s working on. “For upcoming projects I am starting a new ship next week. I am not sure when it will be released to the public probably sometime in February, but I’m very excited for it. It’s a deep space heavy fighter and should be a lot of fun to design.”

We’d like to thank Gurmukh Bhasin for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to This Is Cool. To find out more about the artist, please visit his homepage at

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