Jan Ditlev Christensen Sci-Fi Artist

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As you may have gathered we kind of love (some would say we’re “obsessed’ with) sci-fi and fantasy art and you can only imagine our excitement when we came across the work of the artist Jan Ditlev Christensen. Whether he’s creating epic sci-fi cityscapes, cool hi-tech mechs or entire alien worlds, everything is beautifully imagined and looks amazing. When he’s not bringing the future to life, Jan Ditlev Christensen works as a concept artist, illustrator, graphic designer and storyboard artist for Io Interactive in Copenhagen. He’s worked on many top drawer video games and has been featured in countless digital art publications. Below we’ve plundered Jan Ditlev Christensen’s impressive online portfolio (with permission of course!) for sci-fi and fantasy treats to share here. This is just a tiny selection of the artist’s work, for more astonishing creations please visit his homepage at

All the images in this post are Copyright © Jan Ditlev Christensen
and have been used with the artists permission.