LJinto Cosplay Photographer

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LJinto’s cosplay photographs are simply amazing. No one quite captures the raw spirit and atmosphere of the cosplay conventions, shows and individual cosplayers as LJinto. If you’re looking at almost any cosplayer’s portfolio you’ll spot at least one LJinto photograph in there and for the lucky ones they’ll have been immortalized forever with a full photoshoot. We had the hardest time choosing our favourite LJinto photographs, so we’ve tried to include as many as we could get away with! The selection below are taken from convention photoshoots and candid cosplay conference photos by the very modest and immensely talented LJinto. For the full experience please visit LJinto’s awesome cosplay photography portfolio on Flickr – just don’t be surprised if you find yourself still there in several hours time! Amazing!

All photographs in this post are Copyright © LJinto and
have been used with the photographer’s permission.