Oblivion Review

We’ll start off by saying we really enjoyed Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion. It looks fantastic, has an interesting story and there’s some clever twists in there. As with the Tron sequel, Kosinski is a director that can make things look seriously cool, the drones and bubbleship look amazing. The technology felt ergonomic and the enviroments had that ultra sterile quality which was perfect for the storyline. Even Tom Cruise playing the ‘everyman’ was absolutely fine and it didn’t feel like a ‘Tom Cruise’ movie. The film has been criticised for being a little derivative and not having an identity of it’s own and yes, there’s some obvious nods and influences from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Planet Of The Apes and Wall-E. For us the main faults are: it wasn’t as big or as grand as it could have been and it never quite gets going in the action scenes. However as an original sci-fi movie we thought it worked well and is definitely worth a watch (even if it’s just for the tech!)

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