Resident Evil: Retribution Review

Looking at Resident Evil: Retribution, the 5th film in the Resident Evil series, it’s hard to believe Paul W.S. Anderson directed the excellent Event Horizon. Resident Evil: Retribution like the previous installment, Afterlife, is just a noisy, overblown mess. It’s such a shame as Milla Jovovich always looks amazing, the visual FX and design are consistently excellent and there’s some great raw material – Zombies, Bio Weapons and super cool technology. Perhaps there’s just one unwelcome element and unfortunately that’s director Paul W.S. Anderson. Having said all that we keep coming back for more RE, hoping the next one will have a decent script, good acting and a cohesive storyline – looks like we’ll be waiting till next time…
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This Is Cool Resident Evil 5 Retribution Movie Review