The Sci-Fi Art of Ian McQue

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The incredible futuristic and science fiction themed digital illustrations and paintings of Edinburgh based artist Ian McQue. The worlds he creates are gritty and filled with detail and character, there’s no space for shiny smooth modern tech here, this is a post apocalyptic vision of the future! Scrapyard spacecraft, ships and barges float across the sky as construction workers and pilots control giant mechs and machinery. Ian McQue is a lead concept artist and art director for game developer Rockstar North Ltd and has worked on the excellent Grand Theft Auto series amongst other top class titles. To view more of Ian McQue’s stunning artwork including sketches, drawings and works in progress please visit his artist’s blog. For signed prints and books by the artist follow the link to

All the images in this post are Copyright © Ian McQue
and have been used with the artists permission.