Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Review

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D unfortunately continues the tradition that movies based on video games are generally not very good. It’s a shame as Silent Hill Revelation features some beautiful design, the creatures and FX are excellent, we particularly liked the spooky nurses and the mannequin spider. Writer and director Michael J Bassett has faithfully created the Silent Hill world, it’s dark and atmospheric, there’s plenty of gore, everything looks great. It’s the all important story and direction that lets the side down with clunky story telling and the cast spouting big chunks of plot exposition. The acting all round is pretty average despite some good names. We really quite enjoyed the first Silent Hill movie but Revelation is definitely a step in the wrong direction, going down a similar path to the Resident Evil movies. If you’re a fan of the Silent Hill games and just want to enjoy the visual aspects of this movie (we did!) then it’s certainly worth a watch.

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