The Art of Alex ‘Gutalin’ Kozhanov

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Russian artist Alex Kozhanov also known as ‘Gutalin’ creates dark, intense, hypnotic images that are just filled with impossible amounts of detail. There’s definitely a H.R. Giger influence here and who better than Gutalin to provide atmospheric concept artwork to the latest Ridley Scott movie Prometheus. Alex Kozhanov takes the helm on these beautiful sci-fi and horror themed digital artworks and manipulations showing us his nightmare vision of the future. We just can’t get enough of this alien machine world he’s created with it’s huge abstract structures that look old and long forgotten or just too futuristic for us to comprehend. To view more of the work of Alex Kozhanov please visit –

All the images in this post are Copyright © Alex Kozhanov
and have been used with the artists permission.