The Awesome Cosplayer – Riddle!

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Atlanta based Riddle has been cosplaying for over 10 years and is now one of the top cosplay models and designers on the planet – 32,000+ Likes on Facebook alone! Riddle’s cosplay has appeared on our website a couple of times as part of two of our favourite cosplay photographers Benny Lee and Jay Tablante’s portfolios. It’s no surprise why they chose to photograph the iconic and incredibly talented Riddle, she’s the perfect muse whether she’s cosplaying Anime, Video Game or Comic Book Heroines, her costumes always look totally authentic, stylish and cool. Check out Princess Leia, The Black Cat, Wasp, The Huntress, Motoko Kusanagi, Loki and more below. If that’s not enough why not visit Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe on Facebook –
Note to Riddle: we’ll catch you next time for that interview!

All photos in this post are Copyright © Riddle and her respective photographers.