The Concept Art of Gustavo H. Mendonça

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Gustavo H. Mendonça is a concept designer, illustrator, matte painter and industrial designer working in the movie and entertainment industry. His many clients include LucasFilm Ltd, Microsoft 343 Industries, Universal Studios, MGM Studios, Warner Bros, EA and Capcom. Originally from Brazil, Gustavo has worked in Portugal, Canada, Japan and San Francisco, he’s now based in the creative environment of Seattle, Washington. We’ve got some awesome concept art and illustrations taken from the visual development of various projects he’s worked on, including Star Wars, Halo 5 and Dead Rising. For more amazing artwork, sketches and news from Gustavo H. Mendonça please visit –

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All the images in this post are Copyright © Gustavo H. Mendonça
and have been used with the artists permission.