The Cosplay Photography of David Love

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David Love is photographer and artist based in Oviedo, Florida who creates the most astonishing cosplay photographs and images. His photographic works go way beyond a regular photo-shoot of a cosplayer, these images are something else entirely transforming the art of cosplay and photography to the next level. His background in fashion, glamour and commercial photography and his training in graphic design means he’s able to create truly one of a kind stunning images that wouldn’t look out of place in a comic book, movie or art gallery! David’s understanding of the cosplayer, the costume and the subject matter means he’s able to project that spirit into these incredible compositions. We’ve got an amazing collection of our favourite works by David Love below, but for the full experience you must check out for his excellent blog, videos and online portfolio.

All the images in this post are Copyright © David Love
and have been used with the artists permission.