The Fantasy Art of David Palumbo

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We have a selection of intense and dark paintings by the American fantasy artist David Palumbo. The first thing you notice about David Palumbo’s work is just how beautiful the paintings are and the quality of the draftsmanship and drawing. With subjects that cover every area and facet of science fiction, fantasy and horror, David skillfully merges dark, macarbe and disturbing subject matter with wonderfully observed figures and characters bringing a sense of realism to everything he paints. It’s no surprise that David Palumbo’s incredible oil paintings have been exhibited across the world in galleries in New York and Paris and his illustrations have been featured on book covers, in magazines, on advertisements and as concept art. To view more of David Palumbo’s artwork please visit his artists website at and blog at

All the images in this post are Copyright © David Palumbo and
have been used with the artists permission.