The Fantasy Art of Joe Jusko

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For over 30 years, artist Joe Jusko has been creating stunning fantasy, pin-up and comic book artwork and illustrations for the publishing and comic book industry. He started out with his first cover for Heavy Metal Magazine back in 1977 at just 17. Since then his work has appeared just about everywhere, from book covers, comic books, posters, toy packaging and trading cards. His client list includes Marvel, DC Comics, Crusade Comics, Innovation Comics, Harris Comics, Top Cow Productions and countless others. We’ve got a great selection of images by the artist below featuring heroes, heroines and iconic characters from our favourite comic books and movies, including John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Lara Croft and Vampirella. To find out more about the award winning American artist and illustrator Joe Jusko, please visit

All the images in this post are Copyright © Joe Jusko
and have been used with the artists permission.