The Sci-Fi Art of Soren Bendt

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The brilliant Soren Bendt works in the animation, movie and VFX industry. His experience includes previsualization, concept art and storyboarding. You can also add director to his already impressive skill set for his award winning short film ‘Hum‘. As a VFX artist he’s worked on countless sci-fi movies for world leading studios including Framestore CFC, The Moving Picture Company, Double Negative VFX and currently IO Entertainment at Pinewood Studios in London. His work has also featured in the publications ‘Nuthin’ But Mech’ and ‘Machine Rendering’. We have a selection of superb science fiction and fantasy themed works by the artist below but please check out for his online portfolio and links to his excellent blog containing sketches, drawings and concept art.

All the images in this post are Copyright © Soren Bendt
and have been used with the artists permission.