Andrée Wallin Digital Sci-Fi Artist

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Andrée Wallin Sci-Fi Artist and Gallery

Andrée Wallin is a concept and matte painting artist who works in the movie and video games industry. His work covers everything from giant mech robots, huge sci-fi landscapes to incredibly detailed and beautifully rendered vehicles and spaceships. Using a mixture of digital painting and photomanipulation he creates atmospheric and dramatic sci-fi environments creating a movie like snap shot of time. It goes without saying we absolutely love Andrée Wallin’s sci-fi masterpieces.

We have a selection of the Swedish Artist’s work below – thank you again to Andrée Wallin for allowing us to include these images on our website.

To view more examples of Andrée Wallin’s artwork – visit his homepage at
All images in this post are Copyright © digital artist and illustrator Andrée Wallin.
Andree Wallin Hole In One Sci-Fi Painting