Elysium Movie Review


Elysium – Neill Blomkamp’s follow up to the excellent District 9 is another dose of original sci-fi action from the talented writer director. Visually Elysium looks incredible and Neill Blomkamp has created a future earth with technology that looks and feels real, the CGI elements blending seamlessly into their gritty urban environments. The mix of the clapped out earth technology and the ultra clean modern tech on the space city Elysium reminded us of the recent sci-fi movie Oblivion. There’s also definitely a District 9 feel to the earthbound sequences (which isn’t a bad thing!). Overall we loved Elysium, it’s got a great story with plenty of action, impressive design and visuals. It’s not completely perfect and we’d have liked to have seen more of the futuristic Elysium and possibly a bit more story, however this is another strong Neill Blomkamp sci-fi movie – watch it now!

Elysium 2013 UK Film Review
UK Movie Review of Elysium