The Astonishing CG Art of Toni Bratincevic

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We see a lot of Computer Generated Art, but Croatian 3D animator, modeller and artist Toni Bratincevic is a true master of the medium. Bratincevic creates incredible photo realistic images packed with beautiful little details that just beg for closer inspection. It’s hard to imagine the time, skill and imagination that goes into creating each of these eye popping creations. We particularly love the retro 80’s and 90’s videogame inspired images which would not be complete without a beautifully rendered Commodore Amiga! (those were the days!). To view more of Toni Bratincevic’s astonishing 3D CG Artwork please visit his website and blog at

All images in this post are Copyright © Toni Bratincevic and
have been used with the artist’s permission.