Trailer for Prometheus!

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NEW Prometheus Trailer Now Online!
The Teaser Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is finally here – and wow! It definitely looks and feels like an Alien film with the slowly evolving title text, the atmospheric visuals and the heart stopping soundtrack. We can’t wait for Prometheus crash landing in on June 1st! View the full trailer and selected stills from the teaser below.

Prometheus is clearly hugely inspired by the original trailer for Sir Ridley’s original Alien (love the title slowly appearing on screen and the eerie shrieks on the soundtrack), it contains our first (moving) glimpses of Scott’s summer blockbuster, which seems to be on an entirely different scale to the original Alien, while providing some refreshingly familiar imagery.
Prometheus - Here we go again!
Meanwhile, it poses more questions than it answers – just right for a teaser, eh? Who is that unfortunate Prometheus crew-member whose space helmet appears to be soaked in acid? Why is Charlize Theron running down corridors on the Prometheus itself? Is that Noomi Rapace, as lead scientist Elizabeth Shaw, screaming in agony at the end? If so, why so? Just what is Idris Elba looking at, and why does he seem miffed about it? And why does that spaceship, the one that appears to be crashing at the end, ring a few bells?
Prometheus visual nod to Camerons Aliens
Prometheus is out in the UK on June 1 2012.