Iron Sky – Trailer and Review

Iron Sky Review and Trailer
Iron Sky is a dark sci-fi comedy that takes place in the year 2018, when the Nazis, who fled the Earth to the dark side of the Moon in 1945, return to claim the Earth. The film is a Finnish, German and Australian co-production with a budget of just 7.5 million euros. Iron Sky does have a few laughs, some exciting set pieces and visually the film is very impressive considering the budget, giving many of this years summer blockbusters a run for their money.
Unfortunately Iron Sky does feel a little stretched, laboured and inconsistent – if this was a sci-fi short it would have been fantastic. As a movie Iron Sky is probably just a little too lightweight to sustain its running time. Overall we loved the bits on the moon, the Nazi Steam Punk spaceships and the moonbase, we could have probably missed the bits set on earth.
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Iron Sky Movie Review

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Iron Sky Movie Review and Trailer