Men In Black 3 Review

MIB3 - Men In Black 3 Review

Its been almost 13 years since the last Men In Black film and we have to admit to not seeing the second in the MIB series (but from everything we’ve read that’s probably a good thing!)  Anyway, onto our review of Men In Black 3 – the first thing we noticed was how old Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) looks in this film – It was something of a relief to see the excellent Josh Brolin playing the younger K in this time travelling episode of the MIB Franchise, he does an uncanny impression of K and pretty much steals the show.

Will Smith (agent J) is always good but even he struggles to add the much needed spark to MIB3 and it did feel a bit predictable at times and it’s certainly not as funny as the original Men In Black film. The middle chunk of the movie set in the 60’s dragged on a bit for us (like those old time travelling episodes of Star Trek) Having said that we quite enjoyed it, a nice and easy Sci-Fi Popcorn movie. The special FX on the whole were pretty good and the time jump sequence was particularly impressive. We also liked Boris (the Animal) – his ridiculous laugh and the alien hand bug thingy. Maybe it’s just been too long since the last Men In Black movie? – it’ll be interesting to see if they make a 4th.
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