Prometheus Review

Prometheus Movie Review
After the amazing build up to the release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the fantastic trailers and teasers, Ridley doing a Sci-Fi Film – even better Ridley doing an Alien film! – we knew we were going to be a bit disappointed – no film could live up to that much hype. Prometheus is an absolutely stunning piece of work – visually it’s incredible. The effects are excellent throughout, the acting is top notch with stand out performances from Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender.
It’s great to see Ridley Scott back doing Sci-Fi, it’s directed with beauty and a love for the genre. it’s a shame the script and story are just a little too muddled at times, there’s almost too many ideas in there. It’s not as scarey as the original Alien but it does have its moments! – The 3D was okay but it was probably too subtle to add anything to the film. We really enjoyed Prometheus and we look forward to seeing where Ridley takes the next 2 films in the series. Alien and Ridley are back!
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This Is Cool Prometheus Movie Review

The excellent Prometheus by Ridley Scott
Michael Fassbender is excellent as David in Prometheus
That's not good
Noomi Rapace - its time to go home!